Students will study major aspects of American politics, society and culture, and relate them to current events. The course will be based on a variety of sources: newspaper articles, statistical studies, historical and political texts, extracts from novels and poems, as well as audio and video material. The first semester will be focused on institutions and politics (political parties, elections, political institutions, the media…), the second semester on people and society (immigration, African-American history, religion…). Throughout the course, students will be invited to participate in exercises aimed at reusing what they have learnt in different contexts (oral presentations, debates, text analyses…).  

Learning Objectives


As a result of this course, students will:

·      Familiarize themselves with major news sources from the English-speaking world. Acquire or improve their ability to analyze a newspaper/magazine article (arguments, vocabulary…).

·      Learn how to approach texts from the 18th century to the 21st century, acquire tools to analyze political speeches and argumentative texts.

·      Read about major political movements and historical evolutions in American society.

·      Deepen their understanding of current events through historical perspective.

·      Improve their level of spoken and written English through regular exercises, interaction with the teacher and among themselves.

·      Acquire rhetorical tools to debate economic, political and cultural issues in English.