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The objective is to introduce students to the latest developments of happiness research in psychology, economics and politics. Moreover, it is to present some concrete implications of this research for public policy (e.g. nudges, paternalism, quality of life assessments, and social indicators). Over the last fifteen years or so, the topic of happiness has gained ground in the academic research as well as in the public at large. This increased popularity has several causes: an increased scepticism toward economic growth in the aftermath of the economic crisis, the sense that sustainable development requires humanity to focus on quality of life, the individual quest for meaning, and so forth. The course offers an overview of happiness research and its implications for economics and politics. The idea is to start from the definition of happiness and to move towards the potential implications of this stream of research for public policy. For achieving that, the course will be based on home reading, discussions and presentations. Students are expected to actively participate to class content.