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This course is meant for CEI students to consolidate and improve their English language skills, be it in oral or written terms.

We try and study a vast array of documents, focusing on Anglophone countries around the world. These documents are : texts from varied sources, cartoons, videos, posters, excerpts from series and films (whether recent or not so recent), photos, book covers, songs, etc.

Whilst we often place the focus on the U.S and U.K, we also spend time discussing other countries, i. e. Republic of Ireland, Australia, India, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, various Caribbean islands, etc. if we have time, which we ...won't.

We also make sure to apprehend the contemporary world through the prism of social sciences : history, sociology, political science.

The aim cannot be only to be studying English as such. Therefore the course is both a course of English but also in English.

Lastly, and importantly, in order to boost collective concentration and focus, a strict ban on laptop computers is enforced, and cell-phones must be kept in your bags at all times.

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