présentation de l'ouvrage "le droit public aux concours"

lundi 21 novembre


S 0.15/ la boetie

Everything you need for this class will be uploaded here! :)

Stories are everywhere. They are fundamental to the way we understand the world. It’s therefore not surprising that stories surround us; from the news we consume, the films we watch and the books we read, to our conversations, interactions and interior monologues, stories play a central role in defining what it is to be human. This course aims at helping you grasp the central role that stories have in our lives and develop your own storytelling style.

This semester, we will be focusing on American politics; we will explore the U.S. presidency as a historical and political object. By studying texts by Richard Hofstadter, Arthur Schlesinger, Gloria Steinem and others, as well as extracts from speeches, T.V. shows and novels, we will try to understand the presidency as an institution, a political power but also as a social and cultural construct. While the course is not centered on current events, we will nevertheless follow the midterm elections and analyze their impact on the executive.

Each week, students will be given texts to read, accompanied by vocabulary and reference notes as well as guiding questions. Vocabulary lists and grammar exercises will also be provided.