This semester will revolve around the topic of American politics, which will be divided into three main areas of study

First, we will study American Founding and Federalism. In this part of the course, we will begin by examining the foundations of the United States. This includes a close look at the American founding, which involves the historical events and philosophical ideas that shaped the nation. We will explore the United States Constitution, understand its significance, and how it establishes a federal system of government. The focus will be on how this system of government impacts the distribution of power between the federal government and individual states, and the implications of this division for American politics.

 Second, we will examine American Political Structures and Institutions. Moving on, we will dive into the core political structures and institutions that govern the United States. This section will encompass a study of Congress, the legislative branch responsible for making laws, as well as the presidency, which is the executive branch and its role in shaping policies. Additionally, we will examine the judiciary, exploring its functions and its impact on the interpretation and enforcement of laws. We will also delve into the intricate process of law-making, gaining insights into how policies and laws are formulated and implemented in the American political landscape. 

Third, we will explore American Political Behavior and Institutions. In the final weeks of the semester, our focus will shift to the behavior of American citizens and how they interact with political institutions. This section will explore a wide range of topics, including the act of voting, its significance, and the factors that influence it. We will delve into the dynamics of political parties and their role in shaping American politics. Interest groups and their influence on policymaking will also be examined. Additionally, we will explore public opinion and how it impacts political decision-making. This section will also cover the role of identity in politics, the influence of media on public perception and political discourse, and the pressing issue of inequality within the American political system.

Throughout the semester, we will analyze these areas of study to gain a comprehensive understanding of American politics, from its historical roots to its contemporary dynamics, and how various elements interact to shape the political landscape in the United States