Security is a multidimensional concept and the sociology of security is a new and exploratory sub-discipline. In this seminar, students will approach the topic from very different angles. The first thematic block is dedicated to theory: An overview will be provided of the most pertinent security theories, ranging from IR, military sociology, to political/internal security as well as critical /vernacular theories of security. As part of the second thematic block, the students will study paradigmatic changes based on empirical examples from Eastern Europe. The focus will be, among others, on security sector reform, democratic and civic control of security governance as well as on societal security. The third block deals with regional security, tracing broader developments in Eastern Europe in terms of regional security alliances, regional conflicts, and political-military issues within the OSCE. The seminar will conclude with a focus on changing perceptions and discourses of security and insecurity in the region since February 2022 and impacts on societal cohesion. Alongside the seminar, students will be trained to employ methods of analysis both from sociology and political sciences.